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Thrash by JC Emery | Giveaway

Loneliness suffocates the heart. Acceptance breaks down walls.
As a Lost Girl to the Forsaken Motorcycle Club, Nicole Whelan knows how to party. She’s not cut-out for relationships and her life is way too complicated for anything more than casual encounters. But one night when she falls into Duke’s bed at the clubhouse, he sees something in her that he can’t let go of—no matter how many times she tries to run.
Having been left to raise her teenage brother, Jeremy, she’s already got her hands full and isn’t looking for anymore complications. But Duke’s just watched his best friend fall for the only girl he couldn't have, and then lose her so shortly after, shaking him to his core. Faced with his own loneliness, he’s more determined than ever to break down Nic’s walls and show her that he can be good for her; but he’s got a bad track record and she’s got a bad temper. Changing his ways isn’t easy when he’s not sure what he’s even changing for.
The violence and turmoil are at an all-time high, and Forsaken is in a vulnerable place when a twist of fate breathes new life into the club. It’s a much-needed beacon of hope for the embattled biker family, even if everyone’s not exactly on board. With Duke and Nic’s relationship already on shaky ground, and something even more important at stake, the Forsaken Motorcycle Club will fight like hell to keep their family together and whole.
Love is never more precious than when it’s new.

The house is silent and all of the lights are off. It’s a welcome change from what I came home to earlier. The front door is unlocked when I walk in and I say a quiet thank you to Nic even though I know she can’t hear me and lock the doors behind me. Walking down the hall to her bedroom, I slowly open the door and find myself met by near total darkness. A window on the side of the house streams a little yellow light in from the street lights outside. Still, I can’t really see where anything is and I’m not trying to wake her up. But I’m not quiet enough.

The room brightens just slightly by the click of a table lamp. Straight ahead, Nic’s sitting up in her king-sized bed, the covers pulled up to her waist and her hair a total mess. She lets out a big yawn and smacks her lips, blinking at the light. A smile overtakes my face at the sight. Suddenly, I’m not so hungry for food anymore.

“You’re back,” she says, like she wasn’t expecting it. Maybe she wasn’t. From the look on her face, she wasn’t expecting me. I click the door shut behind me and step into the room. Kicking my boots off and then my socks. I take my cut off and sit it on the chest at the foot of the bed. Nic watches as I pull my tee shirt off over my head and then start working on my belt buckle.

“I said I’d be back, baby,” I say quietly. Her eyes dart down to my belt buckle and then up to my face again. She’s not protesting or even complaining about me waking her up. She’s just quiet and watchful. As much as I like her fiesty side, I’m starting to really like this side that I didn’t know existed. Sliding my jeans down to the floor, I kick them out of the way and walk to Nic’s side of the bed. Her neck cranes back to look up at me. I sit down on the side of the bed and twist my torso to face her. Placing my hands on either side of her legs, I search her eyes for something that tells me I’m not making a total fucking jackass out of myself right now. She’s just so guarded that I can’t really make anything out for sure.

“When I say I’m coming back that means I’m coming back. When I tell you that you’re my girl that means you’re my fucking girl. When I call you my Old Lady, don’t question it. Got it?” She looks away for a moment then brings her face back up to mine.

“I don’t believe you,” she says. Her honesty practically crushes me and I have to fight to keep myself upright. I just want to sink into the mattress and call it a fucking day. I don’t know what I can do to show her that I’m serious. “One day, you won’t be back.”

JC Emery Bio:

As a child, JC was fascinated by things that went bump in the night. As they say, some things never change. Now, as an adult, she divides her time between the sexy law men, mythical creatures, and kick-ass heroines that live inside her head and pursuing her bachelor's degree in English. JC is a San Francisco Bay Area native, but has also called both Texas and Louisiana home. These days she rocks her flip flops year round in Northern California and can't imagine a climate more beautiful.

JC writes adult, new adult, and young adult fiction. She dabbles in many different genres including science fiction, horror, chick lit, and murder mysteries, yet she is most enthralled by supernatural stories-- and everything has at least a splash of romance.

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