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Claim Me | Book Review

Claim Me in the second book in the Stark Trilogy series by J. Kenner.
I went into the Stark Trilogy thinking it would be similar to Fifty Shades of Gray and the Crossfire Series. It is, but it takes the book a little deeper.
In Claim Me we have Nikki and Damien together after Nikki was commissioned to pose for a very risque painting for Damien. Nikki needed money for her startup technology buisness and she found that with Stark. She has brains, something I don't see the book audience being reminded of in the Fify Shades or Crossfire series.
Nikki and Damien both have their flaws. Kenner definitely put a taboo subject in her character and for that I stand up and applaud her. It is easier to churn out a submissive women that has little emotional scars to offer to the character flaws. As a small suggestion, I would love to see the author link to a charity or additional information at the end of her books.
Damien, you hot piece of rich ass. We have seen and discovered some of those secrets you have been hiding. It took forever in Claim Me to see them, but we got there. We seen a lot of foreshawing in Release Me, so we kinda knew what was coming, but then there was a twist. I can honestly say, "I didn't see that one coming."
I was so pleasantly surprised when I read the first book and was excited to get into Claim Me. I don't feel like Kenner let me down. There was definitely hot sex. Hell, Damien and Nikki couldn't keep their privates off of each other. There was drama. God Nikki. Use your freaking head. I swear she thinks with her vagina just like a man would think with his dick. I kinda liked it because I love seeing women embrace their sexuality and not use their damn head all the time.
Do you want to read about hot sex? Do you want a decent story line? Do you want to lust after another book boyfriend? Go pickup Claim Me.

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  1. OMG I loved this book! Can't wait to read the sequels.