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All In: The Blackstone Affair Book 2 | Book Review

Get ready for this read minions. As Brynne says, "With Ethan every was fast, intense....combustive." That is just how you are going to feel reading All In.
When we left book 1 with a hell of a cliffhanger, Brynne left Ethan at the elevator. “What do you want from me, Ethan?” “That’s easy.” I made a rude noise. “I want to go back to ten days ago. I want to be back in my office, fucking on my desk with you wrapped around me! I want your body underneath mine looking up at me with some expression other than the one I saw when you left me at the lifts!” Hell yaeh. Why would you leave Ethan at the elevator like that Brynne? I mean, don't do it!...but alas she did.
So, we have one big heartbreak and Ethan is pissed. He wants his girl back and wants her back now. [fans self] What is he going to do to get her back, and if he does get her back, how is he going to keep her?
We learn a ton in this book. We learn about the information as to why Brynne needs security, her fierce independence and her willingness to submit. We learn Ethan's troubled past, his jealousy and his hot sex. We learn how these two need each other and to be truly loves. We learn the meaning of a fast relationship.
There are David Gandy images in my head, conjured up from this book, images of David Gandy having sex in my head from this book and images of David Gandy from my head having more sex. Sigh.
Miller wrote this book loosely based on Mr. Gandy.... on his appearance anyways. I can't help from drawing conclusions that Ethan has more to him than his damn fine self, very similar to Gandy. Gandy is more than a pretty face. He has a terrific business sense and that makes him even hotter.
Oh wait, we were talking Ethan Blackstone. Oh yes.
There isn't much angst, but the hot sex and swoon worthy moments are totally worth picking this book up. Miller classifies this book as Erotica, but I find it more young adult Erotica, not full on smut. Definitely hot, hot sex, but not pages and pages that leave you nothing to be imagined.

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