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Song of The Firefly's by J.A. Redmerski | Book Review

I have loved every single thing that Jessica has written prior to Song of The Fireflies. Please, please, please keep reading her books because they are amazing. Besides the romances below, she has even written some paranormal. 
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*********Small Spoilers after first two paragraphs*******

Oh Jessica. I hate to say this, but I just couldn't finish the book. I got 41% into it and just couldn't go on any more.
I have loved every single thing that you write and have a heavy heart that I even have to write a poor review. I want you to know that you are an amazing author and I want you to continue to put your creativity out there in the world. You have made my world a wonderful place many times over with your previous books.

I felt like the story line was a bit choppy. It started out wonderful with the flashback to the first introduction and set a lovely entrance to the story.

******Small Spoilers below*********
Once the accident happened, it all just fell apart. I just couldn't understand the character's reasoning for all of it. Yes, Jessica tells me why Elias would do that for her. Yes, it tells me why Brey is freaking out, but I'm not getting it. I think during this particular event would have been a great way to grow Brey's bi-polar character. She could have been the life of the party and then have the huge low when the accident happened.
I don't understand why Brey would just freak and want to run and not explain what happened. Elias is reasonable and he should have known and reassured her everything would be okay.
I feel like Jessica was going with the Bonnie and Clyde parallel, but I wasn't seeing the crazy side of Elias like Clyde.

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