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Resist | Cover Reveal & Excerpt

Harper-Marie Groves likes sex...a lot. Too much.
Is she really a slut if she doesn’t promise anyone anything? She doesn’t think so... but everyone else does.
She’s the girl who does what she wants, when she wants to do it. She doesn’t follow the rules, unless they are her own, she never does as she’s told and she never holds her tongue. She’s feisty, mouthy, rebellious...and she loves every second of it.
Mason Brent has never met a girl like her. He craves her, he wants her to be his because he thinks she’s his perfect girl...except that she doesn’t want to be his girl at all.
When she makes him an offer he can’t refuse, she thinks she’s got him exactly where she wants him and has control of the situation........But she just made Mason’s job a whole lot easier.

“Look Mason, like I said, last night and this morning, it was good, really good. But I don’t know what you think is happening here, it’s just sex. I’m not going out ‘for a drive’ with you, I’m not going to have something to eat with you, I’m not going to ‘talk shit’ with you...and I’m not coming back here again. Ever. Ok?”
He stared at me intently again and I held an internal battle over whether I should just leave him to his thoughts, or push him for an answer. I thought that if I just left, didn’t give him chance to answer, maybe I could get out of there before he snapped out of it.
Before I could make my decision, his eyes became focused again but he definitely didn’t do what I expected him to. He stood up, right in front of me, kissed my forehead and spoke in a soft tone.
“If that’s what you want Sunshine, then that’s what you’ll get. I’ll leave my number on the desk, you change your mind, or you just wanna chat for the sake of it, you call me yeah?”
He didn’t wait for me to answer, he just pulled on his loose fitting shorts, no underwear, and left the room. I focused on the door, trying to figure out why he gave up so easily. He seemed so determined before. Strange.
I didn’t spend too long thinking about it though, I pulled on my shoes, grabbed my clutch bag off the desk, then hesitated when I saw the card with his number on, right next to my bag. I knew I wouldn’t call, well, I was fairly sure I wouldn’t. There was no point in taking it...
I took it anyway.

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