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What Wendy Wants | Review

4 fun stars


Excerpt #1: Buried Under Books; Abigail Book Reader; 

Had Frank and his wife been pretending? Were they both being less than truthful about what they wanted in bed? If that was the case, after thirteen years of marriage, and genuine mutual love, it seemed surprisingly easy to drift apart. A comfortable sort of depressed apathy had silently snuck into their marriage.
I've neglected my wife and our relationship, he thought. 

The clarity of that realization was as shocking as jumping naked into a mountain stream when winter snows were melting. He was coming to understand that he could have lost Wendy in the long term. Their loving bond could have simply slipped away.

Adventure, pushing boundaries, and complete honesty - that was where he intended to go with her now. This was his chance to make his marriage better than ever. And why shouldn't it be that way? Frank's chest felt tight when he looked at his wife.

Wendy was the best thing that had ever happened to him.

So, what did I think of What Wendy Wants? I loved it! I was so excited to get an ARC of this book because the plot sounds so familiar. I think this happens to a lot of couples and I was wondering how this was going to work out.
Holy shit. Wendy's husband, Frank, picked up the wrong kindle and being the curious creature he is, hacked into it. All kinds of dirty books showed up and he read them. He investigated tons of info and he has a surprise for Wendy.
I thought the idea of the book was very original and a book people could relate to. It was a light, fun read that will keep you turning that page until the book is over. 

Author Bio:
I am also a sucker for romance and Happy Ever After, so no matter how dark my stories get, fear not. It always all works out.Hey there, I'm Nikki Sex and I write adult romance and erotica.
Yes, you are of course correct, that isn't my real name. I'm a complete coward where my mother is concerned. The "OMG what would Mom think?" is still sitting right there in the back of my mind like another conscience (only an extremely prudish one!) Luckily my mother is in denial. She still thinks I was a virgin when I got married.

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