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Keeping Her Preview from Cora Carmack

Eekks! Who is excited to read an exclusive sneak peak of Keeping Her from Cora Carmack? We also get to read what Garrick was thinking in Losing It. What? What? Yes! 
AND on top of all this awesomeness, Cora and Jay Crownover will be chatting over on Goodreads on Wednesday, June 26th. You can chat to your little hearts desire with both of them. Win. Win!
AND, yes AND again, you can chat even more with Cora on Thursday, June 27th from 3-4pm ET, on her Facebook page about Faking It.
We're talking real time chatting with Cora and Jay. Have burning questions that you want answers for? Want to know her favorite music? You have two chances to ask her just about anything. Now that, my book loving friends, is complete awesomesauce.

Pre-Order Finding It for $4.99
Pre-Order Keeping Her for $2.99
And now the reason you came:

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