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This Girl | Book Review

This Girl. This Ending. This perfect Finale. Sigh. I have few words to sum up the awesomeness that is this book. Colleen Hoover, you fucking rocked it.
How do I even do a review without giving any of the other two books away? What I can tell you is that This Girl covers Wills point of view from Slammed and Point of Retreat, plus there is an epic epilogue that will make anyone cry. Tear.
If you are thinking that you have the whole story, you know how it ends, there can't be any new information, you my dear are greatly mistaken. We only heard Lake's side and how she felt, but when you find out how Will is feeling, you're all like, "Damn, Will isn't all perfect after all."
Oh, oh, oh….I forgot to tell you. There is closure to the Eddy, Gavin saga. Yes people. Closure. There is even a little surprise about Gavin that you will be like, "Gavin, seriously….because we know that is what Lake says."
I feel like Colleen Hoover gave us our own tiny star with This Girl. It is a true treasure and came at the perfect moment. How the hell does she do that?

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