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Welcome everyone to Chapter Break. [Hurray.] Here you will find all things related to books. Currently I am loving the modern romance genre, but am known to read my share of smut.
Here at Chapter Break we don't judge a book by it's cover. We give books that we are interested in a fair read and a fair review. We won't hold back, especially if it involves Kellen Kyle. [swoon]
I hope you're ready for a fun, entertaining and sarcastic book blog because we will be that.
So, some of you are like, "who the heck is we?' We, "we" are Kim and Lori, the coolest people this side of the equator. Yep.
Kim is completely inappropriate in any given situation, boudoir photographer and manager of departments in an aircraft company. I think I have an identity crisis. Anyone agree?
Lori is a librarian at a couple elementary schools, has a love of makeup [well, we both do] and has the worst cat allergy I have ever seen. Sorry Lori! It's so bad she can't even come to my house. [sad face]
Well everyone, lets get this book blog started. I'm off to plan my very first book review and it's a great one.

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